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What is The Canadian Association for Couple and Family Therapy? 

Qu'est-ce que l"Association Canadienne pour la thérapie conjugale et familiale?

Why should I join? 

The Canadian Association for Couple and Family Therapy (CAMFT) is the national non-profit association representing Couple/Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada.

The CACFT is comprised of student, affiliate, associate and RMFT members and has a mandate to promote the profession of Couple/Marriage and Family Therapy in Canada.

Thinking of joining the CACFT?

Here are a few updates to help you in your decision-making process. 

  • Our dues are only $137.50 for the RMFT membership category and even less for Associate ($110), Affiliate ($82.50) and Student ($50) categories. We do this to make it easy to be a member of multiple professional associations and encourage those with limited resources to join.
  • McFarlan Rowlands offers excellent professional liability insurance for CAMFT members. We are in discussion with them to add other insurance products for members.
  • We continue to own the RMFT designation. You must be a CACFT member, in the Registered Marriage and Family Therapist category,  to be able to use the Registered Marriage & Family Therapist designation. The requirements to use this designation continue to be set at a level that denotes clinical excellence.We are launching independent Branches of the CAMFT. We have created the back-office infrastructure to allow the Branches to focus on the work that they deem most important to them. The Branches Committee provides a forum for all the Branches to collaborate and share resources when applicable. We hope that for the provincial branches, having the backing of a Canadian national C/MFT association will help them to work with their provincial governments. We also have "LGBTQ2S" & "Bridges" (race and cultural) groups that will hopefully become Branches in the future.
  • We have negotiated discounts with video conferencing/virtual practice platforms. We have done the research to ensure that they are compliant with privacy and security laws. They all meet the requirements of PIPEDA (Canada), PHIPA (Ontario), PIPA (BC), HIPPA (USA) & GDPR (EU).
  • ENVISION is a 'Canadian-based provider of online workshops for mental health professionals. We seek to make learning accessible and attainable no matter the stage of a professional's career.' Envision is giving CACFT members 15 % off many of their events. For more information please click here.  You will need to login to access the page.  
  • We have a Code of Ethics and complaints process. All members of the ethics committee are seasoned RMFTs. The Code and complaints process was written by leading RMFT's and reflects the context of practicing C/MFT in Canada.
  • We have a CACFT Supervisor designation complete with a supervisor's handbook, training and refresher courses. All materials were written by leading RMFT's and comply with Canadian standards, laws and academic institutions. 
  • We are collaboratively creating, with the top C/MFT programs in Canada, a Program Accreditation Structure. This will allow the programs to reflect the Canadian context and Canadian academic, regulatory, policy and legal frameworks more accurately.
  • The board is engaged in strategic planning to clarify and structure the growth and direction of the CACFT.
  • We have launched an Insurance Committee to work with private, public and governmental insurance programs for the inclusion of RMFT's in their plans. 
  • We have been working collaboratively with the Vanier Institute of the Family and The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). A survey regarding the practice of psychotherapy during COVID19 was sent out to psychotherapists across Canada. The outcome of this survey will help guide research and policy. We will soon have data specific to the practice of C/MFT during the COVID19 lockdown.
  • All RMFT's get a free professional listing in our therapist directory. We are hoping to make this directory the "go-to" site for those seeking an expert RMFT.
  •  Avant 2024, sera un site entièrement bilingue
  • The Professional Development Committee has developed excellent webinars, including one from Sue Johnson, which she donated to CACFT. Currently, the PDC is working with other national C/MFT associations (UK, Australia & Europe) to create an international conference in 2025! The title is Going the Distance Together: Global Innovation and Family Therapy in Changing Times.
  • In the summer of 2020, we launched an Emergency Response Team. The ERT's mission is to provide free Brief Couples & Family Therapy to those who do not have the financial means to access experts in Couple & Family Therapy. Our focus is on helping couples and families during times of national, local or family crises. 
  • We have a weekly zoom meeting open to all members to discuss Self Care & Case Consultations We also have a Facebook discussion forum that is very active.
  • We are in the process of creating a professional Journal. This will give us the ability to focus on Canadian research, clinical issues and professional interest stories. 
  • We are a growing association with robust infrastructure, over a 1000 members and a very healthy bank balance.
  • We are welcoming, open, transparent and collaborative. We strive to be inclusive and help everyone feel at home at CAMFT.
  • You do not have to be Canadian to be a member of the CACFT. We welcome C/MFT's from across the globe who share our Canadian C/MFT values and want to call the CACFT their professional home. If you are a Clinical Fellow of AAMFT, you will become an RMFT in the CACFT. If you are an AAMFT supervisor, you could become an RMFT Supervisor in CAMFT. It is as easy as that.
  • We focus on bottom-up, not top-down association building with minimal hierarchy and a big tent conception of the C/MFT that is volunteer driven.
  • We have fun, and we are here to stay, so come home to your systemic professional family. 

Contact the CACFT:

(416) 907-4620

[email protected]


P.O. Box 1064

Tottenham, ON.

L0G 1W0

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