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Continuing Education Requirements 

Please click here for a PDF of the CEU reporting form. Or click here for a Word doc. To upload the form to your profile please be sure to click 'edit' at the top of the profile page.  You only have to upload the form. Please save all proof of your CEUs in case you are asked for it. If you have an issue with uploading the form please email it to [email protected] "Pages" documents will not load to your profile, please convert them to a Word document or PDF. Please do not email or mail the proof of your CEUs to the CACFT office. 

Continuing Education Units 

RMFT is the gold standard designation for Couple and Family Therapy practice in Canada. To maintain this standard of excellence we ask all RMFTs to complete 16 hours of Professional Development per year to maintain their RMFT status. This is a means of recognizing all the hard work and training that our RMFTs do every year. 

Content of the Continuing Education Hours 

The content of these continuing education hours can include a wide variety of topics, but in order to reflect the distinctiveness of Couple and Family Therapy, these units should fall within the following areas: 

  • systemic theory and therapeutic approaches 
  • couple and family therapy 
  • cultural competency 
  • social and restorative justice 
  • relationship dynamics and intervention 
  • appropriate adjunctive interventions like crisis response and trauma 
  • understanding and working with special populations 
  • child and adolescent issues and therapy 
  • professional ethics 

Units may be accrued in a number of categories of activity (see below). Courses will be counted even if they are not pre-approved by CACFT, and will be automatically approved if the title appears relevant to the above areas. Any course that has some systemic application or focus, or has overlap with the above areas, even if offered by another organization would apply.

For example, courses by the International Family Therapy Association (IFTA), American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy  would be perfectly acceptable. Courses from other professional associations are also perfectly acceptable, such as EMDR Association courses that specifically target children, couples, and families, or Psychological Associations or Social Work Associations courses on interventions with First Responders, marriage and family, or diversity for example.

CEU Categories 

In all categories, remote learning, webinar, or teleconference formats are acceptable, as well as in-person attendance, when feasible. 

1) CACFT Courses, webinars, conferences, and trainings: You do not need a certificate for these. Just mark the date and title on your form. 

2) Other Courses, Webinars: provided by other professional associations, organizations, or schools, so long as the course has some focus or purpose which overlaps with that of CAMFT (see list above) and the title appears relevant

3) Individual RequestsIf a member attends a course in which the title does not communicate an obvious connection to the above categories, the member may provide a course description to be reviewed on a case by case basis. If the course has some overlap with the above areas, the course may be approved for the number of hours which are relevant. 

4) Systemic Supervision and ConsultationOne credit per hour of individual or group supervision and/or consultation received from a systemic focus which is appropriately documented and signed by the supervisor or consultant, who has relevant credentials. The supervision/consultation may be paid or unpaid, but must be within a formal, contracted relationship. 

5) Presentations, Teaching, and Trainings provided by the memberOne credit per hour of face-to-face teaching (live or video). Please include: The title and course outline/description, the school or organization where the course/training was given, and the dates. Credit will be given only for the first time a course is taught (or first time used for CEU's for CACFT). Repeated presentations of courses will be accorded preparation time of 1 hour of credit per day-long workshops, no more than once every 6 months that it is repeated. 

6) Self-Study: Can include one credit per hour of first-time preparation for a course or training provided by a member, subsequent updates to a course or training, or article written. Please write a summary to submit for your CEU’s. Supervisors who have completed their refresher course can count five hours of CEUs. 

Reporting Process 

1. Counting hours: A typical one-day workshop with a relevant title will be counted as 8 hours in length, unless demonstrably shorter or longer. (Report only the approved number of hours for courses approved for partial credit.) 

2.    Click here for the CACFT reporting form OR 

If you have a form with which you report to your licensing agency, which individually lists your CEU’s with title and hours, you may alternatively upload this form. 

3.    To log your CEUs with CACFT please login to your profile and go to the "2024" CEU For RMFTs" field. (near the bottom). There you can upload your form. 

4.    Retain your certificates and documentation for your CEU’s in case your name comes up for a random audit. 

Thank you for being an RMFT as we strive to uphold the gold standard for Couple and Family Therapy in Canada! 

Contact the CACFT:

(416) 907-4620

[email protected]


P.O. Box 1064

Tottenham, ON.

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