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True and Reconciliation 

Reflection Questions

  1. Share your experience in learning of Indigenous people's history in Canada with the disclosure of the deaths and terrorization of children in the residential schools. What was your emotional response to what you read or heard? Is this the first time you became aware of these things?
  2. Reflect on your awareness of your biases, which can be conscious or unconscious. Can you identify where your biases are and how they have developed? How do those biases impact you personally? How could those biases impact your therapy work?
  3. From this learning experience and understanding of your biases, describe how you would proceed in serving Indigenous families in your clinical practice. How will the Calls to Action and readings affect your work moving forward, especially from a systemic lens? How do you conceptualize intergenerational trauma in the context of Indigenous experiences and how may that influence your work with Indigenous clients?
  4. Share what you know of Indigenous traditional cultures and how this knowledge may have changed over the years.
  5. When learning that Indigenous cultures are family based, how would you proceed in working with an Indigenous person in therapy?
  6. What informative workshops, books, gatherings, teachings, videos/movies have you participated in regarding the experience of Indigenous Peoples, and how have they assisted you in your personal and/or clinical approaches with Indigenous clients?

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