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Webinars and Courses 

Events listed below are not all CAMFT events

but we believe they are of interest to MFTs. 

CAMFT has not reviewed the content of the events offered below, except for those that have been given pre-approved CEUs from CAMFT. The events are not listed in any particular order. Not all courses will be approved for CEUs. Although we do our best to have all details below correct, CAMFT is not responsible for any errors. 

If you are looking for a past webinar that CAMFT offered you may find it in the 'Store" on this website. Members can find Free Webinars on this webpage, after they login. 

Playful Therapy: Matchmaking Play and Emotion

Offered by: Saskatchewan Branch of CAMFT

Friday May 24 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm CST 


Saturday, May 25, 204 - 9:00 am - 4:30 pm CST

2 Day Experiential Play Intensive with Tamara Strijack and Tracy Azevedo

For mental health professionals and students, and helping professionals looking to expand their toolkit and deepen their understanding of play-based interventions. The evidence based theory within the Neufeld Institute and Developmental Science has long been championing the healing power of the play mode, whether one is a child, an adolescent or an adult. However, in the field of therapy (and in all areas of life, professional and personal) play is often overlooked and undervalued. Join us as we explore the purposeful dynamics of emotion and the inherent properties of play - and most importantly, the magical interplay of when they come together. Please click here to register for this event.

Families Canada - Call for Proposals 

The Together for Families Conference Planning Committee seeks proposals for 75-minute engaging, interactive skill-building and/or knowledge-sharing sessions ….

Session proposals highlighting co-creation/co-design with families and representing working with diverse families such as Indigenous, African, Asian, and Latinx Heritage, Differing Abilities, LGBTQ, and Newcomer/Immigrant are especially welcomed for all tracks.

Deadline for Proposals is 12pm ET April 18. 2024 Please click here to learn more.

                     Navigating Clients Through Relationship Breakdown

Empowering Therapists Through the Collaborative Divorce Approach

Fri, May 3, 2024

9:00 - 10:30am PDT Online (zoom)

No-cost.  Registration required.  

Do you have clients in relationship breakdown?

Do you wish the legal processes of separation and divorce were less confusing or overwhelming for your clients, and yourself?

Do you wish there were client-centered models of care in the divorce process?

Would you like to feel more equipped to make a good referral to appropriate supports, and feel clearer on how to support your client with next steps? 

If so, this webinar is for you! To learn more about this free event for please click here.  To register please click here. 

Military Families Group 

Spring 2024 Coffee Break 

May 13, 2024  - 12:00 t 1:00 pm EDT 

Working With Military Families Through an MFT Lens

All members are welcome, including those who have worked or would like to work with military families and are interested in learning more about the challenges they face. 

Each coffee break has addressed a different aspect of military family life followed by open Discussion. Please join us in sharing of knowledge and learning more about the unique culture of military families. Please click here to read more. Zoom link will be in member's Update's on Monday's. 

Please email [email protected] to join. RSVPs preferred, but not mandatory.

Congruence Couple Therapy

Online Training Workshop

A Systemic Model for Trauma and Addiction 

Foundational Series (12 hrs in 6 online sessions

Monday and Friday in June 2024 Starting June 3, 2024 

6- 8 om EDT

Congruence Couple Therapy (CCT) harnesses the couple relationship as a resource to create profound and significant clinical outcomes in recovery from alcohol and gambling. It is an evidence-based model that outperformed individual treatment for gambling and alcohol-used disorders. This systemic relational model reduced life stress while improving communication and emotion regulation in both partners.

Early Bird Deadline April 26, 2024 Please click here to learn more and to register. 

EFT Workshop: Attachment Made Simple

June 22, 2024 - Online

9:30 am - 12:30 pm ET

Presenter: Dr. Herman Chow, RP, RMFT-SM, CCFT

Attachment Made Simple is the fifteenth instalment of the Online EFT workshop series that will hone your EFT skills. Attachment theory (or, as Dr. Sue Johnson would say, “Attachment Science”) is an evidence-based work that is the centrepiece of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). The focus of this workshop is to help you understand and work with attachment in your EFT work with clients. This workshop is for participants who have some working knowledge of EFT and want to expand their EFT skills. Please click here to learn more about his workshop. This course can be counted as three hours CEUs for CAMFT members. April 22, 2024 Early Bird Deadline. 

BEING HERE AND THERE: Navigating Dual Cultural Identities in South Asian Canadian Adolescents

Trauma, Relationship and Addiction Group Meeting:  Open only to CAMFT members 

May 2, 2024; 5-6:30 p.m. MT; 7-8:30 p.m. ET

Presented by: Radhika Sundar RP, RMFT-SQ

Immigrant adolescents face unique stressors related to acculturation, discrimination, language barriers, and cultural differences, which can exacerbate conflicts within the family and increase the risk of substance use.

This presentation addresses the challenges faced by South Asian Canadian adolescents in managing dual cultural identities and its mental health implications. It highlights the tension between their existing identities and adaptation to Canadian society, leading to increased stress. Statistical evidence reveals high rates of mental health issues, such as substance abuse and addictive behaviors, underscoring the need for culturally appropriate therapeutic approaches. Members please click here to read more about this event and the presenter. For information on joining this event please check your Monday Update. 

Clinical Supervision in Couple Therapy

with Dwight Thompson MSW, RSW, CBT, RMFT-SQ

Hosted by Ottawa Psychotherapy Services - Virtual

Start Date: 1st Group May 21 - 2nd Group June 4th, 2024 

Every four weeks thereafter for both groups. 

Earn Clinical supervision hours towards your RMFT (Registered Marriage and Family Therapist) membership through CACFT. Please click here to learn more.

Group Supervision 

Michael Towers RMFT-Supervisor 

Start: June 19 (Wednesday) 

Time: noon-2pm PST (BC time) Virtual 

10 sessions = 20 hours of supervision

(All dates: June 19, July 10th, July 24th, August 14th, August 28th, September 11th, September 25th, October 9th, October 23rd, November 13th)

Please note that there are extra weeks in-between supervision dates to account for long weekends and such. 

The total cost is $700 which works out to $35/supervision hour. The cost right now will have GST added to it so the total will be $735 unless legislation finally goes through and I can finally forget about charging GST! :) The payment will have to be made in full prior to beginning as this will be a closed group, limited to no more than 8 participants. Contact . 

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Workshop

Thursday June 6, 2024 

11:00 am – 4:00 pm EDT

Offered By CAMFT


Presenters: Raghida Mazzawi MC, R.P. and Sheena Jones MA, R.P.

This training will cover topics like:

• Who is the client in Couples Therapy?

• How is that “client” impacted when there is IPV in the relationship?

• Basics of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Power and control and patterns of behaviour

• Assessing IPV versus “regular conflict” in couple relationships

• Conducting the assessment (individual assessments versus bringing them together as a couple)

• If IPV is involved what are the next steps?

• When is individual counselling appropriate; when is couple counselling appropriate

If there is change in the abusive behaviour, can Couples Counselling be resumed?

To register for this event please click here. This course can be counted for CEUs by CAMFT members. 

Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute

CTRI’s mission is to inspire learning and improve lives. They provide training (in-person and online), consulting and free resources in the areas of trauma, mental health and counselling skills. 

Upcoming Workshops 

Questions in Counselling - The Art and Skill

April 3, 2024, 9am-4pm CDT

This workshop explores the curiosity, skill, and artistry it takes to discern the what, where, when, and why of effective questions, and what can prevent you from asking them.

Mental Health Concerns in Children and Youth

April 4, 2024, 9am-4pm CDT

This workshop provides a general overview of the common mental illnesses for children and youth, including the signs and symptoms, themes for treatment, and the controversies that surround some of the diagnoses.

Regulation Strategies for Children and Youth in Crisis

April 18, 2024, 9am-4pm CDT

This workshop explores the reasons behind difficult behaviours and provides strategies to help children and youth learn new ways to move forward as they navigate these developmental challenges and times of crises.

View the April and May 2024 events here . View the full live virtual workshop schedule here. 

Imago Clinical Training 


Presented by Dr. Maya Coleman and Pierrette Richard

Module 1 starts May 3, 2024 

Imago Basic Clinical Training is designed to help therapists and counselors become experts in the Imago Relationship Therapy model. Led by Imago Master Trainer, Dr Maya Kollman, and IITI Faculty Member, Pierrette Richard, this training provides a comprehensive understanding of the Imago approach and equips therapists with the tools necessary to help couples deepen their connection and transform their relationships. Please click here to learn more about the training and to register. 

Weekend Workshop for Couples "Getting the Love you Want"

March 23 - 24, 2024 

An online workshop that will transform your romantic relationship! 

Dive into a profound exploration of emotional connection and authentic communication. This Imago workshop will guide you to a deeper understanding of your partner and strengthen the foundations of your relationship. Please click here for more information. CAMFT has not reviewed this workshop. 

Becoming Differentiated Through Anger and Shame

Approaching Anger and Shame through a Systems Perspective.

Presented by Michael Towers, MA

This course invites you to take a completely different approach to handling anger and shame in your life. I am suggesting that anger and shame are instrumental in helping you become differentiated. 

The training will consist of 90 minutes of presentation time with several downloadable handouts over the course of 5 different video segments. It is self-directed. 

The course has been approved for 1.5 hours of CEUs for CAMFT members. To register please click here

Center for NVR Therapy and Practice

Training courses in NonViolent Resistance (NVR) Therapy  

NonViolent Resistance therapy (NVR) helps parents and other caregivers recover their agency facing young and adult children who harm themselves or others, withdraw socially, are addicted to digital media or cannabis, threaten suicide, or reject any kind of help, including therapy. NVR is a systemic family and community based practice. NVR is well established in Europe and is now being introduced to Canada by Dan Dulberger, RMFT-S, an internationally recognised NVR trainer. Click here for more details about our NVR and our training program

Leading Edge Seminars

Since 1993, Leading Edge Seminars has been serving mental health and human services professionals with ground-breaking continuing education seminars on a wide range of topics facilitated by today’s leading clinicians. Delivered online and in-person, at Leading Edge Seminars, you’ll get the speakers you love, the content you want, and the skills you need.

Explore Leading Edge Seminars

Why not try the University of Guelph's OpenEd's Couple and Family Therapy Studies continuing education courses and program? Expand your knowledge and develop practical skills. Please click here for more information about the courses in the Advanced Couple and Family Therapy Studies Program. 

University of Lethbridge in Canada 

New!!! Graduate Certificate in Couple and Family Counselling Studies now offered by the University of Lethbridge in Canada (One year, Online).

In this Graduate-level Program in Couple and Family Counselling, you will explore the dynamics of family communication, structures and systems to enhance your mental health-care skills without committing to a master's program.
  • Develop systemic relational knowledge and skills for improving mental well-being
  • Enhance your practice or pursue further education
  • Build a foundation in the growing family and couple counselling profession
  • Suitable for a range of social- and health-services fields
  • Online, part-time study

Apply by June 30, 2024 to start your graduate certificate this fall!

Please click here for more information. 

Please share with other professionals to grow couple and family therapy as a profession!


A self paced, online course all about AAI. This comprehensive course is a must for any health professional. 

Please click here for more information. 



    Envision is a Canada-based provider of online workshops for mental health professionals. We seek to make learning accessible and attainable no matter the stage of a professional's career. With our online format, we are able to bring international leading presenters to your screen, wherever you are, in an interactive way, that outshines any conference room. 

    Click here to explore our upcoming live events & be sure to explore our catalogue of home study courses where you can learn at your own pace. CAMFT members are eligible for a 15% discount for any general online workshop or home study course up to 8 hours long. To see the discount code please login to and click on Envision under the "membership' menu tab.  

    Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

    CTRI’s mission is to inspire learning and improve lives. They provide training (in-person and online), consulting and free resources in the areas of trauma, mental health and counselling skills

    • Resources offered:
    • Virtual and in-person workshops across Canada 
    • Private/On-location group training
    • On-demand training videos
    • Free mental health resources
    Learn more at

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