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Webinars and Courses 

Events listed below are not all CAMFT events

but we believe they are of interest to MFTs. 

CACFT has not reviewed the content of the events offered below, except for those that have been given pre-approved CEUs from CACFT. The events are not listed in any particular order. Not all courses will be approved for CEUs. Although we do our best to have all details below correct, CACFT is not responsible for any errors. 

If you are looking for a past webinar that CACFT offered you may find it in the 'Store" on this website. Members can find Free Webinars on this webpage, after they login. 

Fundamentals of Supervision Course

Presented by Kathryn Guthrie, RP, RMFT Supervisor Mentor 

Starts September 27, 2024 - Virtual 

Friday afternoon/evenings and Saturday mornings for 6 weeks. 

Please click here for more information including exact dates and times. To register please click here. 

Non-Pathologizing Approach To Counselling

with Michael Towers, MFC, CPC-S, RMFT-S, RCC-ACS, CCC, CCS

Thursday, September 19, 2024 

 9am-4pm PT, 10am-5pm MT, 11am-6pm CT, 12pm-7pm ET 

The profession of psychotherapy / counselling was built on the medical model, which perpetuates a pathologizing of the client. This workshop is designed to equip practitioners who wish to sit with their clients in non-pathologizing ways. You will learn how to take the training you have already acquired, along with each modality’s interventions, and translate them into a non-pathologizing perspective. It is advised that you purchase the textbook and workbook to help you apply the theories and principles to your practice.

Participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand the difference between pathology and non-pathology within the context of psychotherapy / counselling
  2. Understand the key principles / theories behind a non-pathologizing approach to counselling
  3. Demonstrate familiarity with the literature behind the key principles / theories of non-pathology
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with the application of the non-pathologizing principles
  5. Develop a non-pathologizing perspective for your main modality and related interventions

Registration for this even will open soon. This will count as 6 hours CEUs for members. 


Sep 14, 2024
9:30 am-5:30 pm EST

Dr. Herman Chow, RP, RMFT, CCFT
Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor (EFIT, EFCT, EFFT)

CACFT Supervisor Mentor, AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Attachment Injury Resolution Model (AIRM) is the ninth instalment of the Online EFT workshops series that will hone your EFT skills. This workshop is for participants who have some working knowledge of EFT. AIRM is an evidence-based Stage 2 process of Emotionally Focused Therapy that promotes repair and recovery from attachment injuries in couple relationships. AIRM is built from the backbone of Stage 1 work (de-escalation and ownership of the injury) and early Stage 2 work (sufficient withdrawer engagement work). In this interactive workshop (based on Buchanan and Brubacher’s AIRM program), Dr. Herman Chow will break down each step of the EFT Stage 2 work so that the participants will have a clear understanding of the steps necessary to resolve attachment injuries. If you offer couple therapy and have couples who are stuck in their attachment injuries such as affairs, porn addiction, etc., you need to attend this workshop.  Early Bird Ends July 30, 2024 This will count as 7 hours of CEUs for CACFT members and others. Please click here to learn more about this event. 

Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute

CTRI’s mission is to inspire learning and improve lives. They provide training (in-person and online), consulting and free resources in the areas of trauma, mental health and counselling skills. 

Upcoming Workshops 

Motivational Interviewing Strategies for Supporting Change

July 2, 2024 -9am – 4pm CDT

It is common for people to struggle and experience ambivalence when considering making a change or when others may be expecting them to make one. 

View the full live virtual workshop schedule here. 

Becoming Differentiated Through Anger and Shame

Approaching Anger and Shame through a Systems Perspective.

Presented by Michael Towers, MA

This course invites you to take a completely different approach to handling anger and shame in your life. I am suggesting that anger and shame are instrumental in helping you become differentiated. 

The training will consist of 90 minutes of presentation time with several downloadable handouts over the course of 5 different video segments. It is self-directed. 

The course has been approved for 1.5 hours of CEUs for CAMFT members. To register please click here

Center for NVR Therapy and Practice

Training courses in NonViolent Resistance (NVR) Therapy  

NonViolent Resistance therapy (NVR) helps parents and other caregivers recover their agency facing young and adult children who harm themselves or others, withdraw socially, are addicted to digital media or cannabis, threaten suicide, or reject any kind of help, including therapy. NVR is a systemic family and community based practice. NVR is well established in Europe and is now being introduced to Canada by Dan Dulberger, RMFT-S, an internationally recognised NVR trainer. Click here for more details about our NVR and our training program

Leading Edge Seminars

Since 1993, Leading Edge Seminars has been serving mental health and human services professionals with ground-breaking continuing education seminars on a wide range of topics facilitated by today’s leading clinicians. Delivered online and in-person, at Leading Edge Seminars, you’ll get the speakers you love, the content you want, and the skills you need.

Explore Leading Edge Seminars

Why not try the University of Guelph's OpenEd's Couple and Family Therapy Studies continuing education courses and program? Expand your knowledge and develop practical skills. Please click here for more information about the courses in the Advanced Couple and Family Therapy Studies Program. 

University of Lethbridge in Canada 

New!!! Graduate Certificate in Couple and Family Counselling Studies now offered by the University of Lethbridge in Canada (One year, Online).

In this Graduate-level Program in Couple and Family Counselling, you will explore the dynamics of family communication, structures and systems to enhance your mental health-care skills without committing to a master's program.
  • Develop systemic relational knowledge and skills for improving mental well-being
  • Enhance your practice or pursue further education
  • Build a foundation in the growing family and couple counselling profession
  • Suitable for a range of social- and health-services fields
  • Online, part-time study

Apply by June 30, 2024 to start your graduate certificate this fall!

Please click here for more information. 

Please share with other professionals to grow couple and family therapy as a profession!


A self paced, online course all about AAI. This comprehensive course is a must for any health professional. 

Please click here for more information. 



    Envision is a Canada-based provider of online workshops for mental health professionals. We seek to make learning accessible and attainable no matter the stage of a professional's career. With our online format, we are able to bring international leading presenters to your screen, wherever you are, in an interactive way, that outshines any conference room. 

    Click here to explore our upcoming live events & be sure to explore our catalogue of home study courses where you can learn at your own pace. CAMFT members are eligible for a 15% discount for any general online workshop or home study course up to 8 hours long. To see the discount code please login to and click on Envision under the "membership' menu tab.  

    Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

    CTRI’s mission is to inspire learning and improve lives. They provide training (in-person and online), consulting and free resources in the areas of trauma, mental health and counselling skills

    • Resources offered:
    • Virtual and in-person workshops across Canada 
    • Private/On-location group training
    • On-demand training videos
    • Free mental health resources
    Learn more at

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