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Webinars and Courses 

Events listed below are not all CAMFT events but we believe they are of interest to MFTs. 

CAMFT has not reviewed the content of the events offered below, except for those that have been given pre-approved CEUs from CAMFT. The events are not listed in any particular order. 

         “Are we in this together?”:  

Holding space for the differential effects of COVID-19 on bi-cultural families in therapy.

June 25, 2021 - 1:15 - 4:30 pm EDT

Radhika Sundar, MA, RP, RMFT-SQ       To register please click here. 

Canada faces a mental health emergency. COVID -19 has exposed the divisions in contemporary society and the flaws in matters of social justice, equity and fairness. Calls for mental health supports are at a record high. During this time, many of us, including those in the Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities, are facing daily struggles in dealing with the corona virus pandemic. Researchers in Policymaking indicate that systemic racism has two-fold effect on the BIPOC community during the pandemic, due to racial inequalities in health and environmental factors.

This presentation focusses on the impact of the pandemic from a Canadian perspective and its differential effects on bicultural families in therapy. The topic will be presented in two parts.

PART- 1 – 1:15 pm to 2:30pm

“Are we in this together?”: Holding space for the differential effects of COVID-19

As therapists, we are seeing more families reaching out for help. As a member of the bridges group, I plan to initiate a discussion forum among participants and reflect on our varied experiences in therapy and how we can turn the tide on inequalities in therapy. Join us during this important discussion and lend your voice!

PART-2- 2:30pm- 4:30pm

Holding space for bicultural families in therapy

The ability to protect oneself and one’s family greatly depends on the kind of resources that families and communities can draw on during a crisis situation. During this part of the presentation we shall explore:

  • What is a bicultural family and how they are vulnerable during the pandemic
  • The relative importance of culture, religion, tradition, values and social norms and customary law
  • The importance of social connectedness and agency when dealing with threats within the family and the wider community, like domestic violence, gender-based violence and hate crimes.
  • How do we assess and support the level of family cohesion in bicultural families? 
In this interactive session, power point slides and case examples will be used to discuss the differential effects of COVID-19. Members can count 3 CEU for attending this webinar. TO REGISTER: Please click here. 

Being Your Own Reflecting Team:

A way to use selecting processes when a team is not available.

June 19, 2021,  7 - 8:00 PM- MT

Alberta CAMFT members  are invited to join the Alberta group at a virtual Coffee house on Saturday June 19th.  Sally St. George and Dan Wulff will  be speaking about being your own reflecting team and a way to use selecting processes when a team is not available. They will talk about and demonstrate using "as if" positions to form very unique and spontaneous reflecting processes.   It will be a 30 minute presentation and a 15 minute Q & A.  All Alberta CAMFT members are invited to join.  Please click this Zoom link.  Meeting ID: 841 3526 4664  Passcode: 893681 

One tap mobile: Find your local number. Questions? Please email [email protected]


EFCT Session and ​Stage 3 Integration & Consolidation

September 11, 2021   9:30 am to 12:30 pm EST

Dr. Herman Chow, RP, RMFT, CCFT

Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor
AAMFT/CAMFT Approved Supervisor


"EFCT Session and Stage 3" is the sixth instalment of the Online EFCT workshops series that will help you hone your EFT skills. This workshop is for participants who have some working knowledge of EFT. 

There are two parts to this workshop. First, you will watch an EFCT session with Dr. Herman Chow working with a couple in the first part. After that, Herman will discuss some of the vital EFT interventions relating to the session and process any related questions you may have about the session. In the last part of the workshop, you will learn about the last stage of EFT (Stage 3: Integration and Consolidation), one of the least discussed stages... click here to read more and to register.  CAMFT approved for 3 hours CEUs. Early bird deadline August 11, 2021. 




September 18 and 25, 2021 9:30am - 12:30 pm EDT

Presenters: Tom Caplan, MSW, RMFT-S and Derrolton James, MSW


Interpersonal Violence, sometimes called domestic violence or domestic abuse, is reaching epidemic proportions and affects men, women and children of all races and social and economic levels. This form of violence includes psychological, physical, emotional and financial abuse which often create feelings of victimization and impotence in those who are subjected to this form of behaviour. Using the couple as the basic unit this workshop will examine how to determine the appropriate type of treatment as well strategies for individual, couple and family engagement in these important interpersonal relationships. For more information and to register please click here


Healing from Affairs

Nov 6, 2021​  9:30 am to 12:30 pm EST  

Dr. Herman Chow, RP, RMFT, CCFT

Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor

AAMFT/CAMFT Approved Supervisor


"Healing from Affairs" is the seventh instalment of the Online EFCT workshops series that will help you hone your EFT skills. This workshop is for participants who have some working knowledge of EFT and some awareness of EFT stage 1 and stage 2. 

For most couples, affairs are difficult events that will hurt their relationships. They will need your help in navigating the rugged terrain. The workshop's focus is to help you effectively work with couples dealing with affairs in their relationships. You will develop some key strategies... click here to read more and to register. CAMFT approved for 3 hours CEUs. Early bird deadline is October 6, 2021.  


October 7-8, 2021  Calgary, Alberta

Build Expertise to Empower Blended Families


How to deal with the 5 Major Challenges of Blended Families High Conflict Divorce and Co-Parenting.


Dr. Jeff Chang and Dr. Patricia Papernow

To learn more and to register please click here

Sharon Ramsay, MDiv, RMFT, asked us to share the following information about a project called Just Relating. 

Since my presentation at the CAMFT 2019 National Conference, I have been involved in a project that has been life-giving for my practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy.  I have had the privilege of meeting weekly with EFT therapists from the US, Iran, and Zimbabwe to understand how to integrate the sociocultural context of people’s lives into attachment-oriented therapy.

Together, we have produced a project called www.justrelating.org

 Our conversations have shaped this training to be inclusive of the diversity that people bring to their relationships and to the ways in which they navigate life.  We also hope this work encourages therapists to grow in awareness of our own presence in the room and the willingness to be vulnerable.  

 Attachment gives us a frame and EFT gives us the map. My Canadian heart hopes that sociocultural attunement will give us flexibility to absorb the shocks in the road.

Check out a preview of Episode 1 at https://youtu.be/EvgyYTshW68.”

Treating Couples -  November 5 - November 6, 2021 

Couples therapy is complicated and challenging; the complexity of our socio-political-cultural contexts during this worldwide health crisis has made it more so. The persistent stress of the pandemic has been a strain on couples and therapists alike. Effective couples therapy requires the ability to understand and address many types of intersectional identities, family forms, ethnicities, and relational challenges within the larger cultural context. Increased challenges are pushing therapists to address emerging issues. To learn more and to register please click here


Envision is a Canada-based provider of online workshops for mental health professionals. We seek to make learning accessible and attainable no matter the stage of a professional's career. With our online format, we are able to bring international leading presenters to your screen, wherever you are, in an interactive way, that outshines any conference room. 

Click here to explore our upcoming live events & be sure to explore our catalogue of home study courses where you can learn at your own pace. CAMFT members are eligible for a 15% discount for any general online workshop or home study course up to 8 hours long. To see the discount code please login to www.camft.ca and click on Envision under the 'About' menu tab.  

Leading Edge Seminars 

The topics, speakers and presentation styles are on the “leading edge”, giving you an edge in your work with people. Whether you are a counsellor, therapist, manager, social worker, health care professional, or educator, you will find that there is something for you.

Please click here to see live and recorded on demand webinars.  

Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

CTRI’s mission is to inspire learning and improve lives. They provide training (in-person and online), consulting and free resources in the areas of trauma, mental health and counselling skills

  • Resources offered:
  • Virtual and in-person workshops across Canada 
  • Private/On-location group training
  • On-demand training videos
  • Free mental health resources
Learn more at www.ctrinstitute.com/

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