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Congratulations on having reached the point of transferring from a CAMFT Student member to an Associate member. Please read the following information and then complete the form below.  

  •  You have completed a Masters’ degree, which included 3 of the courses required and are practicing as a Marriage and Family Therapist, or in a related profession. Effective July 1, 2019, 5 courses will be required to become an Associate member. Where possible the  courses should be linked to each of the 5 areas: Ethics, Research, Couple and Family Therapy, Couple and Family Studies, and Human Development.  See "Required Coursework" on this link. 
  • During or immediately following your Master’s degree you have completed at least 150 hours of direct client contact. Not all hours can be acquired post-graduation.
Please click for a Required Coursework form.  You will also need to sign an ethics document. As part of your transfer application please complete the required coursework form and ethics document and email them to [email protected].  If you are not sure what courses belong in what category for the Required Coursework form you will find help under "Required Coursework" on this link. 

Please remember you must apply for the highest membership category that you qualify for. 

You will be notified when your transfer application has been approved. 

There isn't a fee to transfer from a CAMFT Student member to an Associate member.

Contact the CAMFT:

(416) 907-4620

[email protected]

(888) 656-3495


P.O. Box 1064

Tottenham, ON.

L0G 1W0

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