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Saskatchewan CAMFT Members as of July 29, 2020

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First Name Last Name  Membership Category
Dennis Arbuthnott RMFT Supervisor Mentor
Tracy Azevedo Associate Member
Eric Bailey RMFT Supervisor Mentor
Sam Berg RMFT Supervisor Mentor
Theresa Driediger RMFT
David Dyste Affiliate Member
Lorie Ediger RMFT
Dwight Eisler Student Member
Wendy Eisler Student Member
Tasha Elliott Student Member
Eliisha Ens Student Member
Micah Ens Associate Member
Carol Epp Associate Member
Tracey Friesen Student Member
Karen Gibson RMFT Supervisor Qualifying
Paige Gryba RMFT
Colette Hystad Student Member
Joshua Jensen Student Member
Colleen Kane RMFT
David King Student Member
Ken MacLeod RMFT
John-Etienne Myburgh Associate Member
Wilburn Nelson RMFT
Corey Norton Student Member
Chelsey Olson-Gareau Student Member
Carlie Pagens RMFT Supervisor
Cara Pederson Student Member
Jan Shadick RMFT Supervisor
Marlene Smart Affiliate Member
Daniel Stroman RMFT
Melissa Verheyen Associate Member

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[email protected]

(888) 656-3495


P.O. Box 1064

Tottenham, ON.

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