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  • For those Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) 

    wanting to be grand-parented into CAMFT as an RMFT


    Members of AAMFT that would like to be grand-parented into 

    CACFT in an equivalent member category, as long as they meet CACFT requirements. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    I’m an LMFT and/or a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. (AAMFT). Is this the application form I should use? 

    Yes, please complete the form on the link below. 

    CACFT is not a regulatory body. As such, all CACFT members are required to be in compliance with the regulatory laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which they practice. 

    How long will it take for me to know that my application has been accepted?

    You can ensure timely processing by being certain you have submitted all documents requested. 
  • How much is the application fee 

    Members of AAMFT and LMFT applicants who meet the criteria will be grand-parented and have their application fees waived.

    How much is the CACFT annual membership fee for Members and when is it payable?

     RMFT Member is $137.50 plus tax. 
    Associate members $110.00 plus tax.  
    Student members $50.00 plus tax. 
    After your membership application is approved you will have fourteen (14) days to pay your annual membership fee to complete your application. You will be emailed an invoice to make your payment.

To complete your application to be an RMFT please include:

Recognizing the gravity of Canada’s actions with First Nations/Indigenous cultures, families, and children, both past and present, all RMFT applicants, including AAMFT Clinical Fellows and LMFTs requesting grandparenting into RMFT membership, are expected to have an awareness of this history and the current issues as well as the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  Applicants are required to submit a 6 – 8 page, double spaced Reflection Paper, (i.e. personal rather than academic in focus) in which they outline and reflect on:

  • the impact of the historical and current issues and findings of the TRC on their own history and beliefs; 
  • the impact of the same on their own professional identity; 
  • how the historical and current issues and findings of the TRC can be understood through a systemic lens
  • the impact of the same on their systemic practice and how it can be acknowledged and addressed in therapy.
  • Applicants may want to reference the TRC findings, The Indian Act, current Indigenous authors and their works, and cultural experiences and teachings.

If you identify as Indigenous, we ask that you complete a reflection paper regarding how your own experience and learning informs your therapeutic practice and professional identity, particularly with a systemic lens. 

Resources for TRC reflection: You can find resources on the ‘membership explained’ webpage under the ‘membership tab’

Please click here to complete the application. 

 It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide all requested information. 

    Contact the CACFT:

    (416) 907-4620

    [email protected]


    P.O. Box 1064

    Tottenham, ON.

    L0G 1W0

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