News about changes to the CAMFT

The Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT) has undergone a major restructuring through bylaw revisions ratified by the Board of Directors. The association is now autonomous of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

Why The Change, and Why Now?

The CAMFT needed to become autonomous of the AAMFT to avoid consequences of the recent vote to alter AAMFT Divisions. The terms of the previous CAMFT bylaws would have resulted in the loss of the membership and individuals eligible to serve as directors.

What Does this Mean for Canadian members of AAMFT?

Canadian AAMFT members will no longer automatically become part of the CAMFT or be able to use the RMFT credential if they are AAMFT Clinical Fellows but not members of CAMFT.

How do I Keep my RMFT Credential?

The RMFT credential is the intellectual property of the CAMFT. Canadian Clinical Fellows of AAMFT who wish to continue having RMFT as part of their professional title will need to join the CAMFT membership list. To join the membership list now, click here. If you are currently, or have ever been a Clinical Fellow of AAMFT you are eligible to be grandparented in as a CAMFT member and retain the use of the RMFT credential. Canadian AAMFT members who are members in other categories will be grandparented in to the CAMFT to a corresponding category. 

How Long will the Grandparenting Period Be?

Existing RMFTs and Canadian members of AAMFT in all categories will have until May 1, 2018 to join the CAMFT membership list to be grandparented to a corresponding category. Individuals who have joined the membership list by the May 1st deadline will have their dues waived for 2018.

Do I Have to be a Member of AAMFT to be a Member of CAMFT?

No. Because the CAMFT is now autonomous, there is no requirement for individuals wishing to be part of the CAMFT membership to also be members of AAMFT.

When will the CAMFT charge member dues and how much will they be?

CAMFT member dues for all categories will be waived for 2018 but will require joining the membership list to be grandparented by May 1, 2018. After this period, CAMFT intends to keep dues low to be accessible and to make it possible for members wishing to maintain their connection to AAMFT to hold both memberships. 

In addition to the RMFT credential what are the Member Benefits of CAMFT?

  • Automatic Access to online journals in the field of MFT in the near future.
  • CAMFT newsletter (news, job postings, training events, networking & research).
  • Competitive insurance options.
  • A free online profile page on the CAMFT’s RMFT locator website.
  • MFT conferences and training events.


The CAMFT will continue focusing on protecting and promoting the profession nationally and will work with Canadian governmental bodies, associations and institutions to ensure the inclusion of MFTs as service providers, as the CAMFT did successfully with the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

These are exciting times and we hope you will join the new CAMFT and help shape the future of the profession in Canada.