What is the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy?

The Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT, formerly the Registry of Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada Inc.) is the national non-profit association representing Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada.

The CAMFT is comprised of members and registrants and has a mandate to promote the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy in Canada.

What does the CAMFT do for members and registrants?
Benefits. In addition to providing the RMFT credential, the CAMFT provides benefits that the AAMFT has been unable to provide for Canadian members such as competitive rates for professional liability insurance through McFarlan Rowlands. The CAMFT offers materials that you may wish to purchase to promote your RMFT accreditation. Click here to order certificates and seals to display your credentials as a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist.
Advocacy & Lobbying. The CAMFT has successfully lobbied for the inclusion of RMFTs as recognized providers for Canadian veterans through Medavie/Blue Cross and to be recognized by the Department of National Defence. The CAMFT continues to seek the increased recognition of RMFTs in 3rd party payments plans.
Connection. CAMFT works hard to provide information to Canadian MFTs so that they can serve Canadians. The most recent information sharing has been focussed on giving Divisions timely information and analysis about the AAMFT restructuring proposals and the implications for Canadian members. MFTs are relational and the CAMFT is committed to continuing to provide quality national conferences to bring our professionals together – our next networking event will take place for Canadians attending the AAMFT national conference in Austin, Texas in September. Stay tuned for more information.
Helping Clients Find You. The CAMFT has launched the “Find a Canadian Registered Marriage and Family Therapist” section of the new CAMFT website – this is a free benefit for CAMFT registrants to connect members of the public seeking therapy services to an RMFT practicing in their region of Canada! In addition to a free practice listing, the CAMFT offers free classified listings for RMFTs and all listings for MFT job postings are free to post at any time.
Raising our Profile. MFTs have often been overshadowed by larger professional groups such as social workers and psychologists despite our rigorous level of training and ethical standards – CAMFT is working hard to increase the profile and recognition of our professionals – this Spring we hosted, networked, presented and exhibited in Niagara Falls, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa to name a few locales…If you have an event where you want to profile RMFTs, let us know so we can provide people, resources and materials to spread the word!

Please stay tuned and stay connected with us – we will be sending out information on a regular basis to keep you informed and to offer support for your work as an MFT. We also want to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please contact Executive Director, Brenda Spitzer at [email protected].